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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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E-Giving Instructions

1:  E-Giving Login

  • First-time users have the option of registering with E-Giving or selecting the “Guest Transaction” button.  For those wanting to register, click “Register Now” button.

2:  Member Registration

  • Complete the member profile form, and create your user name and
    password. (Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least eight characters long. Please remember your password.)
  • After completing this page, submit your profile by clicking the
    submit button.

3:  Account Created

  • After successfully creating your account, you will then be transferred to a page stating “Congratulations!”  You then have the following options to either “Donate by Card” or “Donate by Check” (both orange buttons). 
    • By selecting the “Donate by Card” orange button, you will be taken to the “Make a Gift” giving page.
    • By selecting the “Donate by Check” orange button, you will be navigating to an ACH Authorization Agreement page. 
      • We ask as many of you as possible to use the bank transaction option. It will save the church money on credit card processing fees.
      • If you choose this option, you must first read and accept the
        electronic authorization agreement. This is a one-time process.
      • Once you note that you agree to the terms and agreements listed, you will then be taken to the “Make a Gift” giving page.
  • Immediately after creating your account, you can also view your new “Account Details” or head back to the “Main Menu” (blue options)

5:  Main Menu

  • By clicking on the blue “Main Menu” option, you are then taken to your Online Gift Summary.  
  • Immediately below your Gift Summary is the option to “Make A Gift.”

6: Make a Donation – Step 1

  • On the E-Giving transaction page, you will see a list of the various funds to which you may give.  Some funds are within Centenary faith community and some are for outside communities.
  • Just fill in the donation amounts as you would on your regular offering envelope.
  • If the fund to which you would like to give is not shown, use the "Other" box at the bottom of the list of "My Gifts to Centenary United Methodist Church" and then fill in the name of the ministry to which you are donating.
  • Click the orange “Continue” button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the Payment page.  You may click “Cancel” at any time. 

7: Make a Donation – Step 2

  • If you are making a donation as a Guest
    • You will only be offered a debit/credit card payment option
    • Please enter your credit/debit card information into the appropriate fields, along with your email address.
    • Please review the amount your card will be charged and, if correct, click the “I Authorize This Transaction” button.
  • If you are making a donation as a Registered User…
    • You will be offered three options on the Schedule page:

1.    Process the above fund(s) now.

2.    Schedule the above fund(s) to be processed once on a future date.

3.    Schedule the above fund(s) to be processed on a recurring schedule.

o   Select the option with which you are the most comfortable and click the “Continue” button if your donation amount is correct.

o   If you chose to make your donation at a later date, this page will
appear to allow you to choose the date for your transaction.

o   Select a date for your transaction and then click continue to

8: Make a Donation – Step 3 (For Registered Users ONLY)

  • Select a method of payment for your donation (Debit/Credit card or
    Bank Account).
  • Provide the appropriate information for the type of payment you
  • Then click on the “I Authorize This Transaction” button.
9: Make a Donation – Thank You (For Guests & Registered Users)
  • Congratulations! Your transaction is complete.
  • You will see a confirmation number and you may print this page for your
  • You will notice your confirmation page is in the shape of an envelope. You may print this page and cut along the envelope shape to place in the offering at a later date.
  • You may now logout, continue with another transaction, or, if you are a registered user, you may review your profile and make changes as needed.


Thank you for your generous gift!